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Fix Samsung Galaxy F41 Fast Charging Not Working Problem

In this tutorial, we will show you how to fix Samsung Galaxy F41 fast charging not working problem. Nowadays, everyone looks for a phone with fast charging capabilities and accordingly, every smartphone company is now offering fast charge options with their devices, even if they lie in the budget category. Similarly, the Samsung Galaxy F41 also comes out of the box with 15 W fast charge support. But recently, some users raised the complaint that they were not getting the 15 W fast charging on their Galaxy F41 as was advertised and could only charge their phones with the normal, slow charge.

Now, there could be many reasons as to why your phone is not able fast charge and why your device is only able to charge normally. So if you own a Samsung Galaxy F41 and are one of those unfortunate users who are not able to fast charge their devices, then you are just at the right place. Here, we will tell you ways to fix your fast charging not working problem. In this guide, we will take into consideration the probable causes of slower charging along with showing their fixes. Without any further delay, lets get into it.

Samsung Galaxy F41 fast charging not working

How to fix Samsung Galaxy F41 Fast Charging Not working

As mentioned previously, there can be more than one reason behind your phone being unable to fast charge. A possible reason could be that instead of using Samsung’s official charger, you are using a third party charger which is not certified by Qualcomm. Even if you are using an original adapter, a third party USB cable could also slow down your phone’s charging speed. So you a possible solution to your problem would be to use an original Samsung adapter and an original USB cable to charge your Galaxy F41 to fix Galaxy F41 fast charging not working problem.

If your Galaxy F41 fast charging problem is fixed by using an original Samsung adapter and USB cable, then you are good to go. But if you are still facing the problem, then you should take a look at the other fixes that we have mentioned below to fix Samsung Galaxy fast charging not working problem.

Enable fast charging:

Samsung devices provide a setting for users where they can choose to turn on or turn off fast charging for their devices. So first of all, you need to make sure that the fast charging option on your Galaxy F41 is turned on. You can do that by heading over to the Settings app and there, search for fast charging. After you search it up, you will be able to see the fast charging option with a toggle button next to it. Just make sure that the fast charging option is enabled.

Check the power source:

You should also check your power source while charging your device. The power socket that you connect your charger to, could also be the reason behind your phone’s slow charging speed. You can try to connect your phone’s charger to another socket and see whether your device is still charging slow or not. If your phone charges fast, then you should know that the problem was in your socket. In case that you are still facing charging problems, then you should also check that if there are any voltage problems in your house’s or office’s power supply or not.

Check the adapter and cable:

Previously, we discussed the importance of using an original Samsung adapter and USB cable to charge your device. But be informed that the charger that came in the box with your Galaxy F41 could also have some fault or it could be damaged. It is common that buyers get accessories with some problems even with new phones. So if you are able to see any visible signs of damage to your charger adapter or USB cable, you should just pop in to the nearest Samsung store and buy yourself a new Samsung adapter and USB cable.

Make sure that the mobile data and WiFi is turned off:

Another possible reason of slow charging on your device could be background data or internet usage. If you leave your Wi-Fi open or if your device is using internet in the background, your device’s charging speed could slow down. Continuous downloading and data usage utilizes a lot of battery and staying online while charging might be drawing too much of your device’s battery. So you should try to charge your Galaxy F41 after turning off your mobile data and internet.

Try turning your phone off:

When none of the fixes mentioned above work for your device, then you should completely power off your Galaxy F41. Charge your phone while it is still powered off. If your phone charges at a fast speed now, then it means that the problem was with your phone’s software. If it still charges slowly, then the problem is definitely with your device’s hardware.

Faulty battery or port:

In the end, it would mean that there is a problem with either your device’s battery or your device’s charging port. It could be possible that your Galaxy F41 could have manufacturing faults. So now you know that the problem is your device’s battery or the charging port. You could have this problem fixed by taking your Galaxy F41 to the nearest Samsung care and tell them to fix your phone for you.

So that is it from our side. These are all the possible fixes for your Galaxy F41 fast charging not working problem. We hope that you found this article helpful. If you have any questions, you can ask us in the comment section below.

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