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Amazing SuperPro Tips For Android 10 Users!

Pro tips for Android 10 users. Are you using Android 10 for the first time or do you think that you’ve been using it long enough to be considered as a pro? Well, in either case, fasten your seatbelts because this guide will blow your mind!

The excitement among Android 10 users before its release has proven that Android 10 has been the most anticipated update ever released by Google as a part of its ever-green mobile OS series. However, the excitement of most Android users faded away when they found themselves confused at what exactly is unique about the new update.

Without a doubt, you’re probably going to see the unendingly examined new Dark Theme Toggle. Furthermore, perhaps you’ll recall the enhancements that Android 10 brings, for example, protection, privacy, and execution — upgrades that aren’t ostensibly obvious however are unfathomably significant all things considered.

If you are wondering is that it? Then you’re wrong. There are so many other crazy features that will make you go wandering about the majesty of this OS. As long as efficiency is considered, the software has made its mark with its awe-inspiring maximizing output characteristics, as well as a completely redefining methodology of going about your device. The new time-saving shortcuts serve as icing on the cake. It’s just a matter of time and then you will fall in love with Android 10.

This guide will help you to uncover Android 10’s most exciting features. Regardless of when you got the software or what sort of phone you’re experiencing it on, you’ll discover a lot of new and super-exciting choices to fathom.

Well, then let’s start exploring these super pro tips for Android 10 users one by one.

Pro tips for Android 10 users:

Redefining gestures on Android devices

1. The new gesture framework thoroughly changes the manner in which you navigate on your device — however, if your gadget was upgraded to this software, you likely won’t ever encounter these gestures except if you make a special effort to follow them down.

All you need to do is to select Gesture navigation from the System navigation drop-down menu.

2. The best feature of this is that it provides an all-purpose back instruction. Gone are the days of having a specific button on the screen designated for going back; it’s just a matter of a single swipe and you are back from what you were doing, irrespective of what application you are using.

Below is an illustration of this:

Amazing SuperPro Tips For Android 10 Users! 1
Pro tips for Android 10 Users

Time-saving perks and short-cuts

3. There exists a remarkably valuable function of Android 10 that can be found in the bottom-of-screen navigation bar: the provision of letting you return to your most as of late utilized application. Regardless of the activity going on in your phone, flicking the bar to one side is all you need to do to jump back right into the last used app. This is perfectly illustrated below:

Amazing SuperPro Tips For Android 10 Users! 2
Pro tips for Android 10 Users

4. Repeating the procedure as described above will take you back to further apps used previously.

5. For Google Pixel users, the benefits even extend to providing users and the entire app drawer. All it takes is a single swipe followed by another swipe in the upward direction from the bottom of the phone’s screen.

Out-of-the-world choices and functions

6. Historically, the Battery Saver mode of Android has always been criticized for confining the background tasks and scaling back other power-draining features so as to extend the device’s battery life. However, Android has resolved the issue by setting a static point, I.e, when your phone has just 5% of its capacity left.

Another added advantage to this is that Android has introduced a new feature that allows you to schedule your battery optimization only and until a specific usage level is reached. This is illustrated below:

Amazing SuperPro Tips For Android 10 Users! 3
Pro tips for Android 10 Users

So what are you waiting for? Pick up your device and start exploring!

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