Talkatone – Full Review, Features, and Tips

Often, many users are faced with the need to use alternative methods of telephone communication. Sometimes ordinary communication towers do not work, but there is a mobile internet or Wi-Fi. In such cases, it makes sense to use additional software on your smartphone or tablet. This makes it possible to choose the means of telecommunications.

Talkatone is an interesting proposal that has several features for VoIP communications. Thanks to the wireless connection, you can make calls to family and friends and send text messages. Let’s take a closer look at this application and find out its features and benefits.


Top Talkatone features

The most interesting features of the application lie in the format of communication with other people. In particular, you have free minutes of outgoing calls every month. This offer is valid for residents of the USA and Canada. The main plus is that you can call real numbers and chat with friends without restrictions.

Incoming calls are also free; the same approach applies to text messages that you can accompany with various emoticons or other symbols. You can also get a dedicated phone number in order to participate in roaming and keep in touch with those who are dear to you. Each user within the network can communicate free of charge using a Wi-Fi connection. This is a key feature because not everyone can afford a data plan. This is especially true for developing countries where tariff packages are quite expensive.

Financial aspects

If you are going to use the application to communicate with other Talkatone users, then it will not cost you a cent. Also, every user who lives in North America can get 60 minutes for monthly communication. All additional expenses, as well as calls to international numbers, are charged point; in particular, you will have to pay about a dollar for 60 additional minutes if you spend a free monthly tariff. In addition, the service has a banner and contextual advertising in order to recoup the costs of maintaining servers and telecommunication stations.

OS support

The application developers are targeting Android and iOS as one of the most common operating systems for mobile gadgets. Most modern smartphones and tablets can use this application as a means of telecommunications. Also, several Talkatone versions can support this application for calling and texting.

It is worth noting that the company even supports old versions of operating systems, which guarantees you the opportunity to connect to a stable data transmission channel and be in touch with those who are really dear to you. Nevertheless, we recommend that you use the most current version of the operating system if you want to be able to use the latest features and technological aspects of the application.

Service Quality

Not so long ago, the app was acquired by Talkatone. Management has invested a lot of money in technical aspects and servers. Thanks to cooperation with many operators, the application maintained a stable connection and got rid of many technical problems. In particular, users have previously complained about a problem with audio calls and text messages.

Now, these problems are almost completely solved. Some errors and glitches may be present, but this is rather an exception to the rule. At the moment, this service is a key player in the market and provides the highest level of customer service.

Final words

Let’s summarize all the benefits and features of this app. First of all, Talkatone is a universal service with a number of free features for Canada and the United States residents. Here you can exchange text messages and audio calls with your friends and family. The application supports a convenient address book and a customization system for each contact. In addition, the utility connects to a wireless network and modern communication standards so that each subscriber can call friends without restrictions.

There is a standard tariff plan that involves the purchase of additional minutes of communication and text messages for those interested in contacting people from other countries. In general, the application has a lot of advantages and is regularly updated by the developers. That is why you can use Talkatone as your primary means of communication in places where cellular communication may be unavailable or very expensive.

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