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Tips for Using Auto-Correct Feature on Android Device

Nowadays, every single person is in hurry. People like to use shortcuts in order to save their time and that is the reason a shortcut in texting/typing was created and is commonly used. This typing shortcut goes by the name of ‘Autocorrect’. It is a built-in feature in almost all of the cell phones and to be honest it is a lifesaver. Texting in AutoCorrect mode can help you avoid errors and typos. But if used carelessly it may add another similar word resulting in changing the meaning of your sentence.

As the purpose of the auto correct feature was to make your typing easier not difficult, so in this article, we will offer you some simple tips for using Auto Correct in a right way and saving yourself from any type of embarrassment.

Add the Abbreviations:

In order to use Auto Correct in a right way and get maximum benefit from this feature, you need to add your code words, abbreviations, commonly used words and names in your personal dictionary. There are some cases where the word can be added directly to the application (like in Gmail). The whole process of adding new words depends only on the type of Android device you are using and its operating system.

Another way through which a new word can be added in your phone’s dictionary is by using the word in a text or somewhere. This can be simplified by an example i.e. if you type the word ‘so’ and it is not already in your dictionary, it may be replaced by any other almost similar word which is already present in the dictionary e.g. ‘as’. So in this text, the word ‘so’ will be replaced automatically by ‘as’. However you want to use the word ‘so’, all you need to do is hit the delete button and the auto-corrected word will be replaced by the one you typed. Now, this new word will have a red line appeared under it. If you tap this red line, an option of ‘add to dictionary’ will be shown. You can select this option in order to simply add the new word in your android phone dictionary.

Tips for Using Auto-Correct Feature on Android Device 1

Other than this, a new word can also be added to the dictionary by:

  • Going to Settings.
  • Taping Language & input.
  • Then taping the personal dictionary upon which a plus sign will be shown.
  • A new word can be adding after taping the plus sign.

Personalize a Third Party Keyboard:

In case you are using a third-party keyboard, you will have to add a new word in the dictionary by using a slightly different process.

If you frequently use SwiftKey, the app will automatically remember your most commonly used words and will stop autocorrecting them. In case it doesn’t happen, you can add new words by using the prediction box and typing the word you want to add.

Disable Autocorrect:

Although autocorrect was made to make your typing easier and faster but in case it becomes a hurdle in your texting, you can disable it. This can be done by following these simple steps:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap Language & input and select Google Keyboard.
  • Now select Text correction, and you can turn off Auto-Correction.

In case to turn it back on, same steps shall be followed.

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