Top 3 Alternatives to Zapya: The Best File Transferring Tools in 2018

One of the most important and helpful reformations in the sphere of technology is the development of file transferring tools. Earlier email was the only option to send or receive files, like music, audio, video, visual, documentary, notes, letters through the electronic media. But the only restriction was the size limit of the attachment.

So a number of free Android apps have been introduced as a file sharing tool to overcome these disadvantages and to provide a more convenient and hassle-free medium for sharing files with no file attachment restrictions. You can access these apps remotely from your pc, laptop or smartphone with no additional charges and absolutely free of cost.

The Best File Transferring Apps in 2018

While selecting a particular file sharing tool you should always keep in mind the demand of your work related to the tool and choose accordingly. There are several apps depending on the size of the file you need to transfer or on the confidentiality of the respective file and the flexibility of its operation and use. Also, you should try to opt for those apps that do not require an internet connection and have a premium downloading speed.

Zapya is one such popular file sharing tool that is no doubt a perfect and optimum example of a file sharing tool that requires the devices involved in the sharing process to be connected to a single network. That means that you cannot transfer a file from a zapya device to a non-zapya device.

So if that serves as a disadvantage to you or if the app is not available in your country and you are searching for an alternative to zapya, then you should check out the following list of popular file transfer tools worldwide for the best cross-platform transferring and sharing apps as we discuss each of them.

Top 3 Alternatives to Zapya: The Best File Transferring Tools in 2018

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Shareit app download - File Transferring tools

ShareIt is one of the most convenient and easy to use an app to transfer files of any size across multiple operating systems either between smartphones or smartphones and pc using a QR  code.

The tool helps you to send and share multiple large-sized files in one go. Shareit works considerably faster than Bluetooth without any internet connection and offers a safe and reliable mode for its users. It can replicate SMS messages, videos, photos, and contacts, from an old phone to a new one. SHAREit uses direct Wi-Fi connections in order to transfer files to computers, tablets, and phones. It currently has 12 M downloads and has been declared as one of the most popular and easy file transferring tool. However, the app is attacked by malware a certain number of times and may crash eventually, this being the only disadvantage.


Xender File Transfer App download - File Transferring tools

Xender is perhaps the most popular and consumer favorite file sharing and managing app, according to the reviews. The app enables users to backup, view, transfer, manage and delete files.

You can click on the group connectivity option to transfer any file at any time, and from any place across your range of devices with four friends at a time.

You can also share pictures with friends, with a swipe on the pics. You can even view music and video files with the app’s free version or share your favorite apps via a single click without any USB cables or a mobile data connection.

The basic advantage of xender is the fact that it can get the APK files of apps on a mobile device and make a backup of specific versions. The app offers file transfer speeds of around 10MB per second, supports a lot more languages than any other file transferring tool with practically no limitations on file sizes.

However, the only disadvantage that backs xender is that in order to initiate file sharing between two devices, Xender must be open on both of them and they must share a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Xender - Share Music Transfer
Xender - Share Music Transfer
Price: To be announced

SuperBeam Wi-Fi Direct Share

SuperBeam Wi-Fi File Sharing App - File Transferring tools

SuperBeam is another great alternative to the zapya app which works in a similar manner to Bluetooth sharing, the only difference being the use of a Wi-Fi connection instead. SuperBeam works with any kind of files and you share them with the app.

Once you select the file that you need to share the application will generate a QR code automatically that can be scanned by the other person in order to receive the files only on the same WiFi network (though you can send files to a device from any browser). You can even share a whole folder at once if you have an access to the latest pro version.

This is perhaps the fastest and easiest means of sharing files of any size from one device to another and has been rewarded as the app of the day previously due to its captivating and user friendly features.

SuperBeam | WiFi Direct Share
SuperBeam | WiFi Direct Share
Developer: LiveQoS
Price: Free
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