Top 5 Android Apps for Designers

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Whether it’s Google app store or Apple iTunes, it’s crowded. But if you want your app to stand out from the crowd then its design matters the most. The first impression of an app counts the most because it will affect the entire user experience and consequently, it’ll determine the ultimate success of the entire app. How users will react to your app should be your main focus. It’s all about making something useful, creative, not confusing and frustration free. So we can say that DESIGN MATTERS A LOT!

However, selecting the right design app is difficult, as it will take too much time and experience to look through hundreds of apps and choose the best one for you. So, to make designers work easier, we have selected the top 5 Android design apps, which will increase designer’s productivity and efficiency.

1. Designer Tools

Designer Tools package multiple features into a single app. Users can use a grid overlay to check layouts for inconsistent spacing or misaligned elements, users can overlay the screen with a semi-transparent mock overlay to see how their implementation affects the design. Users can choose from portrait or landscape overlays and tune opacity for an effective comparison. Users can use their fingers as a color picker to extract the color value of any pixel on the screen to inspect each pixel. Users can enable a screenshots details mode that will automatically augment the screenshots with device details.

Top 5 Android Apps for Designers 1

Designer Tools
Designer Tools
Developer: Scheff's Blend
Price: Free

2. Infinite Design

Infinite Design is a vector graphic apps which lets users create drawings with their smartphones and laptops. It includes many canvases, layers and undoes/redo system, different layer choices like merge, duplicate and 5 symmetry tools. Users can easily construct shapes with the pen tool in it. Users can also add images to their canvas and add special effects to them.

Top 5 Android Apps for Designers 2

Infinite Design
Infinite Design
Price: Free+

3. Keyline Pushing

This app doesn’t have the rest of features of the Designer Tools app but this app provides much finer controls for keylines. In Design, all components align to 8dp square baseline grid, except toolbar and type iconography. This app draws an 8dp square baseline grid and draws keylines according to the device’s factor form. Hence, helping designers in the testing phase of their apps and also allows to compare and analyze their or any other app’s design.

Top 5 Android Apps for Designers 3

Keyline Pushing
Keyline Pushing
Developer: Faiz Malkani
Price: Free

4. SketchBook

Autodesk SketchBook is the award-winning drawing app from the leader in computer-aided design. It was designed to use the complete computing power of every Android device, especially those with a stylus. It’s made for the designer, creative developers, artists, and anyone who wants to create beautiful digital art. Rapid UI modes let users drag the UI elements when needed. Tools include radial symmetry, Predictive Stroke, ruler, ellipse, scan sketch and autosave. The brush engine has more than 170 default brushes that user can customize. Ink feels fluid and smooth and brushes blend colors in a natural way. It is available on almost all devices.

Top 5 Android Apps for Designers 4

Developer: Sketchbook
Price: Free

5. Fontly

In this app users can use their photos and add related fonts to them. It’s like Instagram meets typography. Users can save and share their designed images. It’s fun to use and is great for seeing how others are using typography in interesting ways. Users don’t have to create an account and register to use the app. It also allows users to find photos by location and type. Fontly is available for iPad/iPhone and Android on the link below.

Nowadays, hundreds of mobile and web apps are being launched every single day. So, make to take care of your app’s UI and UX design. Good designers are costly but are worthy. Hopefully, this article helps you design better. Feel free to comment!

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