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Top 5 Features of Upcoming Firefox 4.0

Top Sites are the big support in Firefox 4.0 Launch

Here are the top 5 features of the upcoming Firefox 4.0. Mozilla is making every place neat and tidy for the launch of Firefox 4.0. It is reported that top sites are going to be a big hand in its launch. Moreover, in-app language switcher and the password manager will also remain handy features in Firefox 4.0 publication.

Top 5 Features of Upcoming Firefox 4.0 1

1. Top sites are helpful in launching Firefox 4.0

This time Mozilla has added dominant and eye-catching features for its users. You will find a shiny feature of having top sites on the home page of Firefox. It seems that Mozilla is working very hard for the new launch because you will also find the options of adding more favorites for your comfort. You will also have to add up in the three dots shown in the menu button.

Top 5 Features of Upcoming Firefox 4.0 22. In-app Language switching is the big feature of the new version of Firefox

Another feature seems interesting in the new version of Firefox 4.0 is its in-app language switching. It will give support to the users who want to search in their language and not expert in the English language.

3. Password management of the different accounts with Firefox 4.0 

You will also find a password manager option in the accounts if you are going to sync accounts with the upcoming version of Mozilla Firefox.

Top 5 Features of Upcoming Firefox 4.0 3

4. Fixing undo option bothering users

It is good to hear that the undo button that used to hassle users on the screen, won’t be appeared this time. 

5. Fixing bugs

Users find that Mozilla Firefox remained heavy for their system due to bugs in it. This time bug’s error has been removed and it will not cause any harm to the systems anymore.

Many other problems such as Certification errors have been removed from Firefox 4.0.0 now. You will also find that Firefox isn’t being stable with the full extension because it is continued to work with the uBlock origin.

You can get Firefox Nightly on the Play Store to download. However, it is lacking many features. Due to some reasons, you cannot get the stable version of Firefox 4.0 on the Play Store. You can take help from GitHub Repository to download the stable version of it.

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