Top 5 Unique Android Apps You Must Have – 2018

The Google Play Store is no wonder full of magical apps, many of which remain undiscovered in the crowd of more than 1 million apps. It is a common practice to see the most popular, or well-known apps on the home page of Google Play Store which has certainly blocked the way of newly emerging amazing and unique apps finding amazing and unique Android apps that are really worth downloading.

The point is that we don’t want to explore the diversity in the world of technology or maybe we are a little lazy waiting for each and everything to be served on a platter.

Unique Android Apps - Must Have

What mostly happens is that when most Android smartphone owners buy a new device and download the most common and frequently used apps Facebook, Instagram, download some games, maybe a few movies or songs and that’s it. But we want is that you search out some helpful and unique apps for yourself which makes you a smarter owner of a Smartphone and enjoy all the benefits that are being provided to you by Android-powered apps.

So though there a number of very interesting and unique apps on the Google play store that you ought to have in your Smartphone yet we are listing out the best 5 ones that have great positive reviews for you to try your hand on.

Top 5 Unique Android Apps You Must Have – 2018

Regardless, we’re certain these apps will make your life easier, and help you get the most out of your Android device.


CamfindSuppose you want to learn about a new product or item you have come across and you don’t know its name to search the Google. So what do you do? Camfind is a revolutionary app that lets you search the physical world by just clicking a picture of the object you want to learn about. One of the world’s first successful mobile visual search engine has already gained much success with over 3 million downloads.

So you can now forget about typing queries and just download CamFind to take a picture and learn about it. Searching the web for a piece of information has never been this easy.


* Internet Search Results
* Related/Similar Images
* Price Comparisons and Online Shopping
* Related Places and Address Finder
* Film Poster/DVD Recognition
* Instant sharing to Facebook, Twitter, Email, and Text

Camfind - Search Engine

The app also offers some additional features like QR and Barcode Scanner,  Language Translator, Voice Search, Text Search and much more.

Developer: CloudSight Inc.
Price: Free


ShazamOne of the world’s most popular apps for music lovers used by hundreds of millions of people each to instantly identify music that’s playing and see what others are discovering. All you have to do is a  tap to access video clips, song lyrics, related tracks and streaming services. You can also follow your favorite artists like Adele, Kendrick Lamar, Demi Lovato, who use Shazam to find new music and share the thrill of discovery.

So here are some of the basic features of discovering music that the app offers to you.

• Identify music with one tap
• Sing along to songs with music lyrics, or watch their videos
• Preview songs and add them to Spotify playlists**
• Shazam Offline: Identify music even when you’re not connected!*
• Check out recommended tracks to find new music
• Stay in the loop with Shazam’s real-time charts
• Simply log in to sync all your Shazams across all devices
• Launch Pandora radio based on artists you Shazam**
• Buy your Shazamed songs in Google Play Music with just one tap

Top 5 Unique Android Apps You Must Have - 2018 1

See what your friends are Shazaming when you connect your Facebook account and share your discoveries on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Pinterest, Google+. You can even launch Shazam on your Android Wear smartwatch to see the artist and song.

Developer: Apple Inc.
Price: Free


PosteroidAlways wanted an app to create posters for your online campaigns? So here we have Posteroid, a simple app which turns your photos and text into a graphic poster which you can easily share it to the social networks.

Some of the basic formatting features of the app include:

– Design posters with simple color or background image.
– Multiple line texts with precise alignment.
– Fine tune your poster with pre-defined filters, fonts and other graphical elements.
– If you want to change your text or add more, go back and change.

Posteroid App

So Once your poster is ready, you can save and share it directly on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Just download the app to experience the beauty and creativity of a graphic poster.

Developer: zigzag GmbH
Price: Free

Unique control

Change the way you use your Android device with the new unique control app and you will never want to operate your Smartphone without it again.

Unique controlSo we have two main features. The first one “Halo” gives you quick access to your notifications (like Facebook but individually) where you can launch, dismiss and scroll through all of them. Moreover, if the notification is from a messenger such as WhatsApp, Hangouts Telegram or Facebook you can also reply to the person from wherever you are without opening the actual app. Pie controls give you the power of gesture navigation by swiping up from the bottom of the screen.

Try out these extremely customizable features so that you can really make use of Android as it should be.

So here are some features of the app which include:

• Custom colors for Halo and Pie that you can make them look like you want.

• Ninja mode for Halo to hide the Bubble while you have no notifications.

Unique control Android App

• Pinned Apps for Halo to launch your favorite apps whenever you want from where ever you are.

• Access to the notification manager which allows you to customize which notifications should be shown in a halo for example only messaging notifications.

• Access to the Pie manager to add custom buttons

Unique Controls
Unique Controls
Developer: Manuel Wrage
Price: Free

Rounded Corner

Top 5 Unique Android Apps You Must Have - 2018 2Ever had the craving to add beautifully rounded corners to your screen, like the corners in new LG flagship (G6), new Samsung (S8). Download the app which allows you to adjust the corner’s radius, color, and even the specific corners to enable you to round. So you can change the style of corners as decoration.

– Change settings for each app on your phone
– Free to change size of corners
– Change color to match your phone cover
– Option rounded over status bar, navigation bar
– Quick settings for notification

Rounded Corner Android App


• Internet – used for advertisements
• System overlay – used for draw over apps
• Billing – used for in-app billing products

Just download Rounded Corner and give your screen a new look!

Rounded Corner
Rounded Corner
Developer: THSoftware
Price: Free+

For Samsung device: To prevent the app stopped by itself:
System Settings > Device Maintenance > Battery > Unmonitored apps > Add apps > checked Rounded Corner.

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