Transfer Files and Manage Phone Storage Smartly using Google’s Files Go Beta

The “insufficient storage available” notification is never one you want to see popping up on the home screen of your Android phone – especially not when you’re trying to capture a video of your best friend’s birthday or recording the lecture notes. Organizing your phone’s numerous files can be a chore, and too many files can also affect your device’s performance over time. It’s frustrating to use such laggy phones, where waiting for an app to load feel like an eternity. Before you decide that it’s time to start shopping for a new smartphone, give Google’s Files Go a try.

Google has been focused on delivering slimmer, less data-hungry apps that will work on all sorts of hardware, including less expensive devices with a lot less storage. Google’s Files Go is also an app developed in this perspective, it is now available to download in an early beta build on the Play Store. Files Go’s primary focus is to clean up space on your phone, but it can also help keep your device organized. It offers suggestions to users for apps they can delete that they no longer use, and it can also help find and remove any duplicated images or files that have been stored on your drive. File filtering can also be done from one spot by which important photos, videos, and documents can be found faster. Hence, preventing the device to become laggy.

Files Go also provide the feature of quick file sharing offline. It utilizes Bluetooth connectivity to send or receive files, photos, videos or anything that user wants to transfer quickly and securely. It does exclude the manual process of switching on Bluetooth and searching for the device. It scans other available devices with the File Go app open and waits for the user to select the desired device. The app itself is fairly lightweight, as an under 6 MB download. It is compatible with devices running Android Lollipop (5.0) and above.

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On launching Files Go, the main screen is brought split into two tabs: Storage and Files.
Storage tab gives information about the free storage of user and also gives recommendations to free up more space. Whereas the Files tab, located at the bottom the Files go app, a screen is displayed that allows the user to find files on his device by types, such as downloads, received files, images, videos, audio, and documents.

On the bottom of Files tab, a section of Transfer Securely without Internet is available. This section allows the user to transfer any files to a friend’s phone without Wi-Fi or cellular data usage. On tapping the Send button, the user can send any file to any device. Similarly, on tapping the Receive button, the user can receive the file from any device. This feature is really useful if the user has or want a file that is too big to share via email, such as a video file. He can just open Files Go and send it or accept it.

Hence, Files go open a smart storage management and easy file transfer wirelessly between local devices. Android device owners can maximize their phone’s storage with this app. Although anyone can technically download and use Files Go, the app is part of Google’s “Go” series of services. If you caught yourself constantly frustrating about storage space, slower internet speeds and smaller allowances of bandwidth then Files Go might be the perfect solution for you.

However, as this app is still in “early dev build”, many bugs may be present. We prefer downloading a stable version of this app when it will be officially released by Google.

Click on the following link to download Files Go, now!

Files by Google
Files by Google
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

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