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How to turn off or disable ‘Ok Google’ detection in Google Assistant on Android

The Google Assistant is one of the most useful features in the android devices which makes our daily life easy. It’s been more than one year that First Google has launched personal Artificial Intelligence (AI) based Google Assistant on the Google Allo chat app but released it as standalone service for Android devices running Android 6.0 and above. The smartphone users can easily launch the Google Assistant on their device just by saying ‘Ok Google‘.

Google Assistant nails almost all the queries that are thrown at it. It gives the flawless performance to the users. it’s very easy to launch the Google Assistant with just a few clicks you either hold the Home button (capacitive or physical) or you can also use the command ‘Ok Google’ to launch Google Assistant.

Google Assistant Features:

Manage Tasks – You can send Text messages, Turn on battery saver mode, Set reminders and look up emails.

Plan Your Day: You can check the status of the flight, make a dinner reservation, Check your movie timings, and find the coffee shop on the way of your route.

ENJOY ENTERTAINMENT: You can control your music and play podcasts from YouTube Music and Google Play.

MAKE MEMORIES: You can easily find your photos, just by giving the simple command like ‘Show my pictures of skylines.’

GET ANSWERS: Get the real-time answers to all your queries, like traffic updates in your area, finance or sports new, Weather.

While ‘Ok Google’ command works flawlessly, you can also turn it off easily in case you don’t want to launch Assistant using voice command. Wondering how to do so? Just follow the steps given below.

Steps to Turn off the Google Assistant:

  • Open the Google App on your smartphone.
  • Click on the three horizontal dots menu to open navigation menu –» click on select Settings.
  • In Google Assistant, Click on settings.
  • Under the phone tab, toggle ‘Ok Google‘ detection off to turn it off.
    Ok Google
  • Done

Hope you found this article helpful.

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