Guide To Root And Flash TWRP Recovery On Amazon Fire 7 2017

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Amazon launched Amazon Fire 7 2017 with better hardware and the latest software. The good news is that you can now root and install TWRP recovery on Amazon Fire 7 2017. If you are the users of Amazon Fire 7 2017 and searching for customizing your device, then you are in the right place. Today, we are going to share a guide on how you can root and install TWRP recovery on Amazon Fire 7 2017. The official TWRP custom recovery is available for download and ready to install on your device.

In the field of customization, rooting the Android phone and installing the TWRP custom recovery is the main concern. Once you install the TWRP custom recovery on Amazon Fire 7 2017, you can root your device with the help of Magisk. The TWRP (TeamWin Recovery Project) is an open-source custom recovery for Android devices. It is one of the best and most used custom recoveries. There are many advantages of installing the TWRP recovery such as flash and use Xposed Modules, restore the Nandroid Backup, flash different Custom ROM and much more.

After installing the TWRP recovery on Amazon Fire 7 2017, you can now root your device with Magisk. Rooting is the way through that you can break all the restrictions and get full access to your device. Basically rooting is the bridge between Android phones and customization. If this is your first time, then no need to worry about that. Given below we share an easy and simple detailed guide for you.

Keep in mind rooting and installing the TWRP recovery on Amazon Fire 7 2017 may wipe clean all your phone data. So before proceeding don’t forget to take the full backup of your phone important data. If you wish to root and installing the TWRP recovery on your device, then go ahead and follow the given instructions.

TWRP recovery on Amazon Fire 7 2017
TWRP recovery on Amazon Fire 7 2017


DroidGuides will not responsible for any damage that occurred to your Amazon Fire 7 2017 during or after the installation of TWRP custom recovery. Please keep in mind that replacing the stock recovery with TWRP recovery isn’t an official process so that you will lose the warranty of your Amazon Fire 7 2017.


  • Take a proper backup of all your relevant data like your contacts, call logs, texts, images, videos, and audio files on Amazon Fire 7 2017 before starting the flashing process. It is recommended to keep everything safe and secured by syncing your data with your account.
  • A Windows-based PC will be required for this process to install the Amazon Fire 7 2017 USB drivers and the Android SDK toolkit.
  • The bootloader of your phone should be unlocked; otherwise, you’ll not be able to flash the TWRP.
  • Enable USB Debugging option by navigating to Menu – Settings – Developer Options.
  • The battery level of your Amazon Fire 7 2017 smartphone should be at least about 70% to avoid unexpected shutdowns during installation.

Required Files:

Steps to Flash Official TWRP Recovery on Amazon Fire 7 2017:

Step No 1: Download the TWRP Fastboot image, the flashable TWRP installer, and the SuperSU package from the above-given links on the desktop of your PC.

Step No 2: Next, choose the Fastboot TWRP image and copy/paste it to the same folder as ADB and Fastboot on your PC.

Step No 3: Turn ON your Amazon Fire 7 2017 and connect it to the PC using its USB data cable.

Step No 4: Move the TWRP flashable zip file and the SuperSU package to your Amazon Fire 7 2017.

Step No 5: Navigate to the ADB and Fastboot folder on your PC and within that folder, open a cmd window and type this command to automatically rebooted into bootloader mode on your phone.

adb reboot bootloader

Step No 6: Now, type the following command and hit Enter to boot your phone into TWRP recovery:

fastboot boot twrp-3.0.2-0-alpha1-fastboot-marlin.img

Step No 7: From there, tap on Install and load the TWRP recovery .zip file. Swipe to begin the flashing process.

Step No 8: When done, reboot your phone.

Step No 9: Finally, go back to the main menu of Recovery and install the SuperSU root exploit.

Step No 10: Once the SuperSU root exploits are installed, reboot your Amazon Fire 7 2017.

How to Root Amazon Fire 7 2017:

Done! You have successfully installed TWRP recovery and Unlock bootloader on your Amazon Fire 7 2017, and you can now reboot your phone into recovery mode.

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