Update Guide on New Features for Essential Phone Oreo Beta

The Essential just launched its Android Oreo Beta Program. It is not the first to release this Oreo Beta because many other companies like Samsung, Nokia, Huawei and OnePlus already have it. This program by the Essential is open to everyone unlike others. This released public beta program adds the Essential Phone to the list of those few Android devices that support the Google’s latest Android version. All those people having PH-1 flagship can have it. Now you can easily install this program on your phone without deleting your existing data or factory reset your device.

The beta program is not just a program, it holds a lot of advanced features in it. This beta program along with other features brings about an advanced characteristic that supports a project treble. It therefore enables OEM to swiftly regulate the updates including monthly security updates on the phone.

Oreo Beta Features

Let us have a quick look at what is new with this Android 8.0 on the Essential Phone:


In Oreo, two features relate to how you face and control notifications. Notification channels are responsible for the overall control of your notifications. They specify the alerts they get for each category.

On the other hand, notification dots are simple alerts informing you about a notification in an app. On your PH-1, all of the notification dots appear green in contrast with the multi-color dots in Pixel devices.

Update Guide on New Features for Essential Phone Oreo Beta 1


The PH-1 version had one important feature missing, Night Mode. This night light was added to the stock Android on the Pixel devices.

But now with the Oreo Beta version, the blue light can be minimized in the dark. Essential added just another feature of custom schedule. Also, you can set a custom setting for Night Light. Similarly, you can change its intensity: Settings>Display>Night Light.

Update Guide on New Features for Essential Phone Oreo Beta 2


It does not seem bad if you add a little bit color to your notification shade. Google brought this colored media notification to the Android 8.0. Using this, apps like Spotify, Pocket casts and Play Music can tally their notification color with the album art. Not much of the functionality is added to it although it gives an aesthetic sense which is pleasing to the eyes.

Update Guide on New Features for Essential Phone Oreo Beta 3

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Another worth-praising feature Essential added to its devices is a swipe gesture to the fingerprint sensor. Just like Pixel devices, a swipe down brings the notification shade forward to the screen. It came out pretty much buggy in the start at the time of launching it. But with the Oreo Beta version, it is quite smooth. This swipe gesture is improved with Oreo Beta version. This smoothness will continue hopefully.

Update Guide on New Features for Essential Phone Oreo Beta 4

5. Picture-in-Picture:

Everyone likes while doing twitter watching a YouTube video. Isn’t it? This picture-in-picture does exactly the same. Now, you can carry your work on by simply minimizing the YouTube video via hitting the home button.

Update Guide on New Features for Essential Phone Oreo Beta 5

In short, many of the features discussed above are the Stock Oreo inclusions modified slightly. Not Essential has added a total new of them.

Essential basically gives stability updates and there they really work. It has greatly improved the overall navigation and UI scrolling. The Essential phone is now a great combination of both stability and improved camera.

This article has a lot in it about the Essential Phone’s new features. Let us know if you find this article informative!  

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