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Use Instant Apps on Android via 3 Steps

Being an Android user pays you back! Think about how? It is an operating system filled with numerous awesome features. Many of these features are quite well known and user-friendly of course. But still, there are most of them lost in the clutter. Android instant apps were developed for the developers and enthusiasts but nowadays this thing has seen a vast rollout. However, most of the people are unaware of it yet.

Lets, not go with the crowd! What would you do? Whenever you would just get over your hibernation phase, you would ultimately want to download a large app, and at the same time, you would want to take as much advantage of it as you can. This is the time when you will have to take a look at Android Instant Apps. With such apps, you would not need to download a big APK file to make the best use of different apps and services. Yes, it does sound strange but it is like this. It is very easy to enable and use Instant Apps on an Android phone (Android 6.0 or above).

Use Instant Apps on Android via 3 Steps


Here is a guide showing you how to do it, if you want to get these Android Instant Apps, remain stick to the article and get it done!


First of all, you have to make sure that Instant Apps are enabled on your device. Now, go to the phone’s main settings menu, locate the Google option and select it. Here look for the Instant Apps option and select it. Next, just press the toggle at the top to switch the feature on. A dialog box will pop-up telling you about what Instant Apps are. All you have to do is simply click on Yes, I’m in! This will make you ready to try your first Instant App out.

Android Instant Apps

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We are unlucky just in the case that Instant Apps with built-in features are small in number. But it’s because this is just the starting, the list of Instant Apps is growing on a weekly basis. Some of the more renowned apps nowadays available are VimeoJet and The Newyork Times Crossword Puzzle.

Now how will you locate the Instant App and where to? The easiest way is to search them in the Google Play Store. Some of the new apps now come with a button Try Now being written on them, indicating that this app has an Instant App associated with it. Do tap the Try Now button and give an immediate run to the Instant App. Your device’s cellular data is saved and also your phone’s storage space.

Android Instant Apps


Now, you have used the Instant App, this App will automatically be saved on the Google Instant Apps Setting page you have accessed earlier. This will easily clear the individual app data or whenever you are back on WI-FI, it will install a full version of that app.

Someone sending you a link will now open in the Instant App instead of the opening in the full version of an app. Vimeo videos are its best example.

Android Instant Apps

In short, Instant Apps are pretty much awesome. Verily, we want Google to support this idea and consequently, more and more developers should take part in it. If this could have happened earlier, users would have a big chunk of free storage space.

Instant Apps are worth trying on Android phones. Give it a try, also let us know what you make out of it in the comments below!

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