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Viber’s new Feature Threatens Facebook?

Viber’s new Feature Threatens Facebook?: Well, the Whatsapp is called the world’s largest chat messenger, but its competitor’s app Viber is not even more behind whose registered users are up to a billion. An interesting update has now been introduced in this messaging app, which can be the largest group chat with any application so far.

Yes, the feature of the Viber community has been introduced to make the most of the users part of this app. In this Viber community, the group ‘limit’ can be up to one billion people and this is because of the number of people registered in the app.
Earlier this week, Viber had introduced the Viber communities quietly to be considered as public chat groups, which could not accommodate a number of members, namely one billion people in a group.

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It’s just a Facebook group like a network which has a separate app. Viber is giving a profit to consumers compared to Facebook, which will show only profile photos and names, keeping phone numbers hidden, which is not possible on Facebook. The telegram also has such a feature called ‘SuperGroup’, where you can add one million people, while the Whatsapp has no public group chat platforms but features of a common group chat, which can accommodate 256 people.

Viber's new feature threatens Facebook

There will be super administrators and administrators to handle these group chat, while rules can also be made to invite new members. Viber has mainly brought this feature in front of Facebook to take advantage of restrictions on publishers from the public so that businesses prefer this app.

The company wants to create their own business through these communities, will also introduce features for making money in the near future. The company further said that Viber wants to gather people for personal relations and joint goals, where people are free to connect with each other.

This new Viber Communities feature has been introduced worldwide since Thursday.

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