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How To Enable WhatsApp Fingerprint Lock Feature On Android

Today in this post, we will help you on how to enable WhatsApp Fingerprint Lock feature on Android Phone. Whatsapp is one of the largest platforms for messaging and large numbers of user are using the Whatsapp. Finally, Whatsapp has made available to fingerprint lock feature for Android beta users. Currently, WhatsApp released the beta version for their users as an experimental purpose, soon will release the stable version. These latest features come with the new update of Whatsapp which comes with build number 2.19.221. The Fingerprint Lock feature on Android is disabled by default, but you can enable it manually by following our given below guide.

Many users wish to separately screen lock their messaging application and for that they are using the dedicated third-party locking applications. Thanks to the WhatsApp to release the latest update with WhatsApp’s Fingerprint Lock feature on Android phone. So if you wish to get this new feature, then first install the latest version of Whatsapp or install the new update of Whatsapp, if you have already installed the app. After that, you can enable this feature manually. After enabling the Fingerprint Lock feature, you will need to use fingerprint authentication to unlock WhatsApp.

The new update also comes with another good feature which is show content in notifications. With the help of this feature, users can decide to show or hide message and sender preview when the fingerprint lock is enabled. If you have updated the WhatsApp and still do not see the Fingerprint lock feature, then you can try backing up your chat history and reinstalling WhatsApp.

In the WhatsApp’s Fingerprint Lock feature on Android, you have a choice to choose how long it should stay unlocked. There are three options to automatically unlock the app, which is immediate, after a min and after 30 minutes. So if you want to get the WhatsApp Fingerprint Lock feature on Android phone, then install the latest update and enable the features by following instructions.

WhatsApps Fingerprint Lock Feature On Android phone
WhatsApps Fingerprint Lock Feature On Android

Steps To Enable WhatsApp Fingerprint Lock Feature On Android Phone:

  • Go to the phone’s app drawer and launch ‘WhatsApp
  • Tap on the menu icon (3 dots) on the top-right of the app’s window
  • Select ‘Settings
  • Now tap on ‘Account‘ and then on ‘Privacy
  • Scroll down to the bottom and select ‘Fingerprint lock
  • Turn on the toggle to enable WhatsApp’s Fingerprint Lock feature
  • Finally, touch your phone’s fingerprint sensor to confirm the fingerprint.

Source: WABetaInfo

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