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Use WhatsApp For Two-factor Authentication on Instagram

In this guide, we will show you how to use WhatsApp for two-factor authentication on Instagram. Social media is a big part of our lives. We use social media apps regularly, which contain a lot of our private information. It is only obvious that the security of these apps should be very tight. Two-factor authentication is a security measure used on social media platforms. Instagram, a very popular platform, also uses two-factor authentication to improve the security of its users. Instagram has allowed its users to use WhatsApp to authenticate their login attempts on the platform. 

Many users are unfamiliar with the feature and need to learn how to set it up. If you also face such issues, you are at the right place. Here in this guide, we will show you how to use WhatsApp for two-factor authentication on Instagram. Without any further delay, let’s get into it. 

Use WhatsApp for two-factor authentication on Instagram

How to Use WhatsApp for Two-factor Authentication on Instagram

Before you start, you must link your Instagram account to your Whatsapp. Once done, follow the steps below to enable two-factor authentication.

  • First up, open up the Instagram application.
  • Tap on the profile icon on the bottom right of your screen.
  • Then open up the hamburger menu on the interface’s top right. 
  • Now tap on Settings.
  • Now tap on the Two-factor Authentication options. 
  • Once done, you will be able to see an explainer banner. Here, tap on “Get Started”. 
  • Now, you will be able to see options for two-factor authentication. Turn on the toggle for WhatsApp. 
  • Then enter your WhatsApp number in the space provided. 
  • You will soon receive an authentication code on your WhatsApp. 
  • Then enter the code on the Instagram page and tap on Next. 

Now you are done. Every time you log in to your account, you will have to enter a login code that you will receive from Instagram on your WhatsApp account. Without entering the code, you won’t be able to log in. 

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Keep in mind that this feature is only available to some users at the moment. You can use an Authenticator application if you don’t have the WhatsApp feature available but still wish to set up two-factor authentication. The process is very similar to the one discussed above. But instead of enabling the WhatsApp toggle, you will need to turn on the toggle for the Authentication App and select the authentication app that you have on your device. 

So that was it from our side on how to use WhatsApp for two-factor authentication on Instagram. We hope that you found this guide helpful. Let us know what you think in the comment section below. 

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