Why Does the WhatsApp Backup Take Long to Restore or Backup?

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In this guide we will be discussing why the WhatsApp backup take long to restore or backup. WhatsApp has become the most popular messaging platform and it is used by users around the world and it is even used more than other regular messaging apps on mobile phones. Another reason behind the popularity of WhatsApp are the many features that WhatsApp has and one of them is the Backup and restore feature. This ensures that the users do not lose any of their important messages. But many of the users complain that the WhatsApp backup takes too long to create a backup file or restore the file.

This is major issue faced by almost every WhatsApp user and it proves to quite a nuisance for the affected users. It does not depend on whether you use your Wi-Fi network or your cellular data, the problem still remains in both the circumstances. So many of the users ask the question and want to know why the WhatsApp backup takes long to restore or backup on your device. So read on to find out some of the possible reasons behind this issue.

WhatsApp backup take long to restore

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Why Does the WhatsApp Backup Take Long to Restore or Backup?

This is a common issue faced by WhatsApp users on iOS and Android both. Another common problem that is faced is that the backup gets stuck at some point and users have to start the process all over again. So the possible way to deal with this issue is to find out the possible reasons behind this and then to solve the problem. So head over to the section below to find out the reasons behind why the WhatsApp backup takes long to backup or restore.

1. Huge Amount of Data

The amount of data that is stored in WhatsApp is very large. This is because we send all types of data over WhatsApp to various people. Our messages and conversations include text messages, images, voice messages, documents, videos and more. This is one of the most prominent reasons which contributes to the WhatsApp backup taking too long to restore or backup. In addition to that, if you have a slow internet connection or your internet connection is not reliable, you will probably get stuck in the process mid way and you are likely to face these problems.

2. Low Device Space

While you are taking a backup and you find yourself stuck in the middle of the process, it is quite probable that your device has very low storage which is not sufficient for the backup. So in this case, you will have to free up storage on your device or if you use an iPhone, you will have to open up iCloud and check your storage. Then you will have to free up space accordingly.

3. Inappropriate Network Settings

This may be quite unlikely but your WhatsApp backup may take long to backup and restore if your network settings are inappropriate. So you should first try the two methods mentioned above and if the problem is not fixed by then, then you should try to set your network settings to default and you should try taking a backup after that.

Another option is to just restart your phone and try taking a backup later. Even though this is not a proper solution, it can solve your problem because there may be a minor technical problem behind the issue and restarting the phone may solve the problem for you.

4. Problem with iCloud or Google drive Storage

Most of the WhatsApp users opt for backing up their WhatsApp chats to cloud so that the data may remain safe and their conversations will not get deleted. But there can be some problems with the Cloud storage that can present problems for your backup, for example the servers for the cloud may not be working properly or you may be facing some sign in issues for your cloud storage.

So head over to the Settings app on your device and then proceed to Accounts tab to check if your Google Account has some issues. And if you are using an iPhone, you should open up your iCloud to check if there any issues which may be causing problems with the WhatsApp backup.

So that was it from our side o Why does the WhatsApp backup take long to backup or restore. We hope that you found this guide helpful. Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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